Augusta Homeowners: Signs You Might Have a Termite Infestation

Termite Infestation

As a homeowner, knowing the earliest warning signs of a termite infestation is crucial.  Most insurance companies do not cover damages by termites, yet statistically, properties are more likely to experience damage from termite infestation than fires.

Recognizing the infestation before it gets out of control could save you money by minimizing repair costs. Termite infestations may show through swarmers, mud tubes, blistered wood, droppings, and more.

If you spot the following signs, consider outsourcing professional Termite Inspections Augusta, GA.

Flying Termites (Swarmers)

Swarmers are often the first sign of an infestation. These are winged termites that emerge from their nests flying in groups. The termites are male and female looking for a suitable mate.

Some species will only swarm at night and are typically attracted to light sources. The aftermath is usually discarded wings, also a sign of infestation. Swarmers shed their wings after a flight and leave piles of wings inside or outside your home.

Blistered And Hollow Wood

Hollow-sounding wood is another sign of termite activity in your home. Termites consume your property’s wood from the inside out, leaving a thin layer of timber or just the paint. Try tapping on these areas; if the sound is papery or hollow, seek professional Termite Inspections in Augusta, GA.

Eating or tunneling through the window and door frames can cause the wood on the frames to arp, which makes opening the doors and windows tougher. Beams, wooden ceilings, and rafters are at risk of damage like any other wooden structure closer to ground level.

Termite Droppings – Frass

Frass is a significant sign of dry-wood termites. It is a colored termite dropping that you can easily confuse with sawdust. Termite Inspections in Augusta, GA, can easily spot these as they are a significant indicator of a termite infestation. 

Drywood termites don’t build their tunnels with feces like other species. They instead push it out through tiny holes near their nests. Their method results in some minor black marks left on the infested area. You also find a dark powdery substance.

Mud Tubes On Wood

Mud tubes are a common sign of termite activity. Termites use them to travel from the soil to their food source. These are usually attached to the structures, often close to the foundation. Seek termite Inspections in Augusta, GA, when you spot a mud tube.

The tube protects the termites and is made of soil and droppings to provide them with moisture.

Termite Holes On Wood

Another common sign of termite infestation is tiny round holes in your wood. As soon as you spot any of this, reach out for termite Inspections, as these could lead to more permanent damage to your wood structures. 

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Termite Inspections In Augusta, GA

If you suspect your house might have a termite infestation, seek a termite inspection service. Termite control experts can easily spot these signs and have the technology to help detect them even when symptoms are not visible. It’s also advisable to get regular professional inspections to minimize the risk of future infestations and costly damages to your property.

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