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The design of a swimming pool is an art form in and of itself. To stay on top of the latest trends and technology in water shaping, hydraulics, and worldwide architectural design, it takes dedication and passion on the part of the designer. Designing bespoke pools and spas for luxury homeowners is something only elite pool builders engage in. The backyard environment, the materials used to build the pool, and the inspiration that comes from looking at other beautiful pool designs that have been done in the past, are where builders typically set the bar. When it comes to designing a complete backyard, typically designers turn to Pool Studio, a specialized 3D design program designed for the swimming pool industry. Because of the “Instant 3D” design method achieved using Pool Studio, designers are able to produce completely interactive 3D presentations that demonstrate precisely what a pool and finished backyard project can actually look like before you ever break ground in the backyard.

Visualize each and every aspect of your pool design

Pool Studio’s sophisticated 3D presentation provides a higher level of realism and detail than any other swimming pool design program. Down to actually placing a family in the backyard enjoying the pool area, you’ll be able to see right away in 3D how changes to the interior design of the pool will affect your ability to visualize a backyard project.

The Beginning Begins at the Beach Entrance

Any creative rock waterfall or rockwork can be viewed in 3D. Pool contractors can demonstrate lit deck jets, tiered waterfalls, spillovers, negative edges, descents, bubblers, aerators, and a slew of other fully interactive fire and water features for you to view. more, all in real-time while music plays.

All of this is possible in real-time 3D, including different slopes and levels, rolling hills, and negative edge pools. You can better depict your idea with this realistic terrain. Also, depending on what time of day it is, pool designers may demonstrate the effect of the sun and moon. You’ll be able to see the following when the project is complete.

• Interior and depth customization of the pool & spa
Falls, spillovers, and negative edges are among the many possible water features.
• Waterfalls and rockwork created to order
• Structures such as houses, covered patios, walls, and fences
• Complete landscaping, including flowers, trees, and shrubs
• Everything from furniture to pool toys to yard decor to swimming pool gear and more
• Patios, decks, and other elevated structures
• Terrain and topography similar to your outdoor living environment

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