Garage Doors: What Should You Know About Its Repair

Garage Doors

Garage doors are a convenient and reliable design that protects the room and allows a rational use of its space. For the gate to serve for a long time and without complaints, it is necessary to follow the operating rules, carry out preventive examinations, and repair the elements of the mechanism that have become unusable in time.


Violation of the recommendations for the operation of Garage doors is a common cause of their breakdown. For them to work flawlessly for a specified period, users must comply with the following rules:

  • When operating manually, do not apply excessive force to raise and lower the gate, lift the sash smoothly. Sudden movements cause breakage of fastening parts, disrupt the operation of torsion and tension springs.
  • With remote control, it is necessary to monitor the smoothness of the door movement periodically. If their raising and lowering are accompanied by noise, vibration, or jamming, it is essential to identify and then eliminate the cause of their occurrence.
  • Do not interfere with the operation of the automatic control system until the electric drive is turned off.
  • Avoid mechanical impact on the canvas.
  • Clean all elements from dirt, snow, ice.
  • Do not make changes to the design yourself.
  • If the operating requirements are violated, and difficulties arise, then a preventive inspection of the entire structure must be carried out. Some problems can be fixed on your own. To solve complex problems, it is better to turn to specialists.


Garage steel doors are designed for 25,000 lifting and lowering cycles. With their intensive use, wear of structural elements is likely. Inspection of these parts will help determine the cause of the problem. Only professionals can eliminate them qualitatively.

In the operation of Garage doors, the following malfunctions most often occur:

  • Grinding sound during the movement of the blade. Check the hinges and rollers for dirt. Details of the structure are cleaned by washing, lubricated.
  • Difficulty moving the web. This may indicate its deformation. Another reason is excessive tension on the torsion springs, which need to be loosened. If the rollers or the cable are out of order, they are replaced with new ones.
  • When the web cannot be fixed in the raised position, an inspection of the condition of the cable is carried out. Intense and prolonged loads on the hoist can lead to breakage. The damaged cable is repaired or replaced.
  • The erratic movement of the canvas, accompanied by incomplete closing-opening, is a sign of its skew.

Deformation of the guides makes it challenging to lift the blade. The specialist concludes the admissibility of their straightening or about a complete replacement.

Failure of mechanical control elements requires checking the operability of the electrical components of the structure.

With a lack of experience, skills, and technical knowledge, you should not troubleshoot independently. This will exacerbate the problems and result in higher costs than the cost of periodic professional maintenance of a Garage door.


Garage Doors Repairs Colorado is carried out to extend the service life of the mechanism, to carry out work to prevent, identify and eliminate violations. Depending on the frequency of use of the gate, this procedure is recommended to be performed at intervals:

  • once every 2-3 years, if the canvas is lifted to 5 times a day;
  • once every six months for industrial large-size models that open more than 20-25 times a day;
  • at least once every 3-4 months if the structure is operated in extreme conditions (low temperatures, increased dustiness, humidity, significant wind loads).

To service household models, a one-time inspection by a specialist is required. Prevention of breakdowns of industrial Garage doors, which are used with high intensity, is recommended to be carried out on a contractual basis with the organization that provides such services.


  • The general appearance, condition of parts and mechanisms are visually assessed.
  • Tests are carried out to identify breakdowns.
  • Eliminate the problems found.
  • They clean and lubricate contaminated units.
  • Carry out commissioning works.

The best option is to contact the company that installed the Garage door. Masters who know the features of the model will accurately perform the necessary procedures.

Professionals should repair garage doors. Such services are rendered strictly according to the established regulations for household and industrial models of fences. High-level specialists will perform maintenance and repairs and will give a guarantee for the work performed.

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