Give Microsoft exam at the ease of home.


When the word Microsoft appears, the operating system and Office Company click in our mind. But the company is more than that. It offers many online services, such as hardware and gaming services. Not only this but it also provides many online certification courses.

These Microsoft certification courses are gaining popularity day by because they will give an individual the best career opportunity to individual and landed an amazing job.

The highlighted feature is that you can give Microsoft Exam online from the comfort of your home or office the Microsoft conduct this exam through Pearson VUE. 

Once the exam has started, you cannot leave the room neither anybody enters your room. Always lightened the room with the necessary light because you will not be allowed to switch on the light during the examination either.

 Registration process

Before enrolling in the online exam, always run the system test to know that your system is supporting the test or not. It will allow you to check your network speed, microphone, and webcam. The green indicator shows all run fine.

  • After you have created your account on Pearson VUE, keep in mind that your name is precisely matched with the government ID. You have to update your mobile number on Pearson VUE because during the exam, if you lose your connection, they will contact you.
  • Then you have to log in at the Microsoft dashboard. Chose the exam date and time you want to appear. After selecting the exam, then select the appropriate date and time that is suitable for you.

Now the question arises which Microsoft course will be more beneficial as compared to others then Azur course will be more helped than others but require the detailed study to succeed. the foundation course is the az-900 exam

What things will we consider before giving the exams?

During the whole exam, you are monitor by the webcam and microphone. The room you chose for the exams should be free of distraction. You should keep all your preparation materials away from you, such as a tablet, laptop, and books.

Tell me about the az-900 exam.

Az-900 exams are designed for those individuals who are beginners. This exam can be an attempt by those who are from a non-technical background. The exam is multiple-based; includes math, English science, and optional writing. But while attempting the exam, always keep the scores in mind.

What is the fee for the exam and the duration?

The exam fee is $99, and its duration is about 60 minutes.

What is the advice to clear the exam?

The individual has to do a practice exam to have a firm grip over the azure. Whatever method you are following, try to do many practice tests. 

If you are also searching for az-900 Microsoft azure fundamentals sample questions, you can find  many practice exams online. One of the authentic websites is Here, you can find practice questions, damp questions, and other related material.

We hope this article clarifies your confusion related to az- 900 exams and Microsoft online exams and will help you prepare for it as well.

All the best.

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