Investing in real estate? Here is why Naples, Florida should be at the top of your list.

Invest in real estate

When you think of Naples- you think of sunny neighborhoods, pristine beaches and luxury summer house parties. And that is exactly the consumer friendly, all American image this small city has been shooting for. Over time, Naples has become one of the most desirable living destinations for honest Americans. According to a recent from the Wall Street Journal, the city of Naples was ranked no.1 amongst all US cities as an emerging housing market with a 26% home sales increase in 2021. 

But why are people investing in Naples?

A few factors have contributed to turning Naples into the best destination for your holiday home. Here is why Naples is the best housing investment right now:

Prime Location:

If the Florida coast has something going for it, the prime seaside weather and picturesque golf course communities would be at the top of the list. With lots of activities and tourist spots around the area, investing in a holiday home or a hotel in Naples would be a surefire cash cow. 

The neighborhood of Old Naples has very little in the name of off seasons. Unlike other tourist hotspots, this particular neighborhood enjoys wonderful weather year round- making it a profitable prospect nonetheless. 

Safety and Low Crime Rates:

Contrary to what you would expect from a spot renowned for spring break and luxury apartments- Naples’ crime rate is extraordinary when compared to the rest of America. With a safety grade of A+, Naples has lower crime rates than both the rest of Florida and the US. Naples in 73% safer than the rest of the US with a year over year crime decrease of 20%.

Clean Neighbourhoods:

If you are looking to move to Naples on a permanent basis, then it’s pristine streets and overall environment should be attractive to you. To the naked eye, the neighborhood’s streets and beaches feel virtually litterless.

Naples, Florida is also free from graffiti, shady businesses and seedy strip clubs and the current Neapolitans and social services are hellbent in keeping it that way.

The fabulous downtown:

Old fishing cottages established before modern developments add to the charm of downtown Olde Naples. But don’t let the name fool you- this bustling city center is the heartbeat of Naples’ charm. While walking down 3rd street south or 5th Avenue south will get you an inside look at the modern Neopolitan lifestyle, Olde Naples still reserves it’s original 1900s charm and culture essence. 

Happy, healthy neighbors:

According to Gallup Healthways’ happiness index which considers social stress, depression and health factors- Naples FL is one of the happiest neighborhoods in the continental United States, ranking 1st in four consecutive years. Naples is brimming with outdoor food courts, bustling restaurants, farmer’s markets and overall healthy family grooming spots. All of these positive factors lead to an overall change in the demeanor of residents with the lowest levels of stress and depression. 

So, if you are considering a forever home or just looking for a profitable investment- Naples Florida real estate  is the right call to make in 2022.

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