Seoulbased Ai VR 24m Series Investment

Seoulbased Ai VR 24m Series Investment

Investment from the seoulbased ar vr 24m sv investment: An immersive experience startup based in Seoul known as 3i has raised approximately $24 million in funding for its Series A round, with SV Investment serving as the company’s lead investor.

The immersive experience startup 3i Inc., based in Seoul, South Korea, has received nearly $24 million (28 billion won) in seoulbased ai ar vr sv investment funding. 3i Inc. specializes in metaverse technology, artificial intelligence, as well as augmented and virtual reality ai ar vr 24m sv investment.

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Twenty million dollars came from new financial and strategic investors while existing investors contributed four million dollars to the round. Seoulbased ai vr 24m series investment served as the round’s leader, and it included participation from a number of other investors, including Korean Development Bank, LB Investment, DS Asset, YG Investment, Intops Investment, Enlight Ventures, NBH Capital, and Korea Asset Investment Securities. Seoulbased ai ar vr sv investment is projected best.

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