Spotting And Fixing Hail Damage Using A Professional Roofer


Homeowners who have experienced an extreme hailstorm understand the damage that hail can cause; even the tiny hail pellets, whenever joined with solid breezes, can lead to significant roof damage. And because most hail damage isn’t easy to spot, it will in general go unnoticed until shingles and other roof parts deteriorate over the long haul and lead to major roofing issues not too far off. Here are tips on the most proficient method to ensure your home against hail damage. Make sure to invite a professional to check your roof after a hailstorm. 

Step By Step Instructions To Spot Hail Damage 

Any part of a home can be affected by hail, however, the roof is the place where hail damage is generally normal. It’s not always easy to spot roof hail damage, and even relatively moderate storms that convey little balls of hail ice can mean large difficulty for homeowners. There are basic visuals that can be finished by the homeowner, however, for a more inside and out roof investigation, we suggest calling the specialists who realize what to search for and how to repair anything that gets discovered while assessing your roof for hail damage. 

  1. Chimney Cover Damage

Metallic chimney covers are a decent place to search for hail indentations because the metal sheeting is entirely defenseless to dents of all sizes. If you can’t see dents however presume the chimney cover was hit, rub a piece of chalk sideways across the surface of the cover and any dents will end up being undeniable. 

  1. Damaged Siding

Inspect your siding for splatter marks, dents, cracks, paint chips, or openings that could imply hail damage to your roof. 

  1. Curled Shingles

Heavy hail damage in a single storm, or over a more drawn-out period, can eventually tear shingles totally off or damage them to where they start to twist up like bits of dried-out leather. 

  1. Granules in Gutters or Downspouts

When you discover shingle granules in gutters and downspouts, ice pellets are the great suspects. 

  1. Shingles on the Ground

If you discover shingles in your yard or even not many that have blown into a neighbor’s yard, your property probably took a dangerous blow from the hailstorm. 

  1. Damage to Garage Doors, Lawn Furniture, and Lights

Glass or metal light apparatuses in your back or front yard, lawn furniture, and garage entryways are ideal places to do some sleuthing for hail damage. 


Before storm season, plan a roof examination by a reputable roofing contractor. It’s easier and less expensive to make small preventive repairs than it is to deal with major roof damage or roof leaks after an extreme hailstorm has hit. Examining a roof can be dangerous. We don’t advise you to get on your roof except if you have appropriate safety gear and relevant roofing or development experience. There are many dangers implied with scaling on your roof and attempting repairs and preventative maintenance all alone. Handle all your roof matters with a professional roofing company.

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