7 Most Popular Types of Windows in Boulder, Colorado


Are you looking for the perfect windows to install in your home? Remodeling an old house, and you want something different for your windows?

Gone are the days when homeowners had limited options regarding windows and so just went with whatever the contractor recommended. Today, deciding which windows to go with is a big part of your home design, appeal, value, and energy efficiency. Windows are, after all, an essential component of any home, providing natural light, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, each style has its unique benefits and drawbacks. So, whether you are constructing your new home or doing replacements, you want to make the right choice for your windows from the get-go.  

Here is a list of seven popular Boulder, Colorado windows for your consideration: 

1. Double Hung Windows

Drive around Boulder neighborhoods, and you will find double-hung windows are a common feature in a majority of homes. So, how can you tell it is a double-hung window you are looking at? 

This type of window comprises two parts: the bottom and top glass panels. You can open the window by moving the top or bottom sash, depending on your preference. Or both at the same time. This feature makes double-hung windows great for rooms that need excellent ventilation.

Aside from greater air circulation, these windows are loved because they are super easy to use. You can move either sash to let in the fresh air. They are also easy to clean as you can access both sides of the glass. Not forgetting, they are pretty safe, especially if you have children in the house. You can just open the top sash and leave the bottom one closed, so you do not have to worry about your child climbing out.

While these Boulder Colorado windows can be installed anywhere, they are especially convenient for second, third, and higher-story rooms. The best part is double-hung windows do come in a variety of designs. You can customize everything from the frame to the glass finish. And depending on where you intend to install them, you can have them in whatever size you want.

That said, by having more ventilation, you ultimately sacrifice energy efficiency. So, expect more heat loss when you have both sashes open.

2. Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are a more traditional and cheaper alternative to double-hung. However, they are still pretty common in various parts of Colorado. 

Now, single-hung windows are quite similar to the double-hung variety, except they come with one, instead of two, operable sash. So, the top panel is fixed and cannot move, while the bottom panel opens by sliding upwards.

This classic and simple design is well suited for any home, usually the ground floor rooms, to make it easy to clean from the outside. They add an authentic, classic touch to your property.

There are other things to love about single-hung windows, including better energy efficiency, easy, quick installation, and, more importantly, affordability. However, they are a little less flexible and difficult to clean. Plus, considering the advancements in window designs, single-hung windows are considered old and quite simplistic.

3. Casement Windows

Next up, we have casement windows. This popular window features a window attached to a frame on the side using hinges. Thanks to the hinges, casement windows can open by swinging fully outwards to the left or right, depending on the side it is installed in. Think of it as you would a door; you swing a door by turning a knob and pushing outwards. But instead of a knob, you have a crank at the bottom.

The one thing that makes casement windows so popular is the terrific ventilation. You can open the window all the way through, allowing tons of air to flow into your indoors. This feature makes them a great idea for your home’s bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture-prone rooms.

Not forgetting, they are aesthetically pleasing and provide excellent outside views. So, if you are going for this type of window, you definitely want to install them on the curb-facing side of your home for that extra appeal. You can make the glass area wider and the frame thinner for even more beauty. Casement windows are versatile and ageless, so they fit well with traditional or historic homes and new houses.

Overall, casement windows are not only easy to use but are also quite durable. So, definitely a good investment. 

4. Bay Windows

Ever stop to admire a large protruding window whenever you pass by a home with one? These are what are known as bay windows. The window comprises three windows or panels connected to each other and extends outwards of the house in a square or octagonal shape. Usually, the three windows feature a fixed middle window.

This window is often larger than the rest and acts as the centerpiece. Then there is a narrower window on either side of the middle one. These two are usually functional and may be opened outwards by sliding up and down or sideways. It all depends on the design you choose. Sometimes, this design features four or more windows, and in that case, it is known as a bow window.

Bow and bay windows are great for maximizing your interior space. They make rooms larger by adding depth and providing panoramic views. They also brighten up your space by letting in loads of natural light without compromising your home’s energy efficiency. From the outside, a bay window increases your curb appeal and can make your house stand out from the surrounding properties in your neighborhood.

Bay windows are definitely a great architectural addition to your living space. And you can even add a comfortable chair or a desk for better use of the additional room.   

5. Picture Windows

Nothing makes a room more vibrant than loads of natural light. Perhaps that is why most modern home designs in Boulder feature several picture windows. A picture window is a fixed window that is not designed to open. So, it is usually installed in areas where ventilation is not a major concern to let in light. This window type creates the illusion of a portrait look on a wall, hence the name picture.

Generally, it features a single glass pane with no middle frames or rails. That’s why a picture window is perfect for unobstructed outside views. And since this window is stationary and has no moving parts, it can be larger than other window designs that feature ventilation. So, you can opt for it where you want to do floor-to-ceiling design. 

This feature also makes picture windows quite cost-effective and durable. Unless the glass breaks, no parts will fail, requiring repair or replacement.

Additionally, no air movement makes these windows highly energy efficient and secure regardless of size.

6. Sliding Windows

Also known as slider windows, this type of window has grown more popular in recent years. Basically, a slider window opens horizontally, that is, by sliding to the left or right along a fixed frame. The design and mechanics are quite similar to double-hung windows, except that the latter slides vertically.

A sliding window works well when you want to frame a particular view and brighten up the room, as they have minimal frames separating the glass. They can be large and feature multiple fixed and movable panels. However, the working mechanics are the same.

These windows are preferred because they are low maintenance, energy-efficient, durable, and easy to use. However, cleaning the outside glass can be complicated as the window doesn’t tilt.

7. Awning Windows

Awning windows are another Boulder homeowners’ favorite. They resemble casement windows in that they are attached to the frame with hinges and open outwards by rotating a crank. The two are often known as crank windows. However, unlike casement windows, awning windows are attached to the top frame. So, the width of the window is usually greater than the height.

Like casement windows, awning windows bring fresh air and natural light into the room. They also work well where you want to add ventilation without compromising privacy, as they can be installed higher up on your walls. Plus, awning windows provide excellent protection from bad weather and are great for ventilation during the rainy season.

Pick the Best Boulder, Colorado Windows for Your Home

You will likely be spoilt for choice when shopping for replacement windows, as there are more than a dozen options. Each style has unique benefits and drawbacks, from traditional double-hung windows to modern casement windows.

Depending on what you are looking for, whether extra natural light, lots of ventilation, or greater energy efficiency, some windows may work better for you than others. You can also choose different room designs depending on your goal. For instance, a bay window in the living room and casement windows in the kitchen.

Hopefully, the suggestions in this article will help you decide which type of window is right for your home.

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