Which Furniture is Best Quality?


When you are looking to buy furniture, you may be wondering which brands are best for you. While there are countless brands in the market, there are some that stand out as being better quality than others like Vision Office Interiors. When buying furniture, remember that quality and durability do not have to be a tradeoff. There are many brands that offer excellent quality for the price you pay. Listed below are some of the brands that have quality, durability, and affordable prices.

When buying high-quality furniture, the construction of the furniture is key. Look for solid joints and solid wood. Bookcases, for example, should be sturdy without swaying. Similarly, drawers should be made of solid wood, rather than plastic. Check the internal framing and support structure as well. A solid frame is the foundation for a quality furniture item and is an essential component in sustaining heavy use. You should also look for solid metal hardware on drawers and shelves. Plastic coatings tend to wear out over time and may not be durable enough.

Before making a purchase, consider the warranty period on the furniture. Good quality furniture will last for a century, or even more. Most of the time, a furniture manufacturer will back their products with hefty warranties. Lower-end furniture manufacturers will offer you a limited warranty covering cracking and splitting. However, a higher-end furniture manufacturer may offer a five-year warranty or even a lifetime guarantee.

Luxury brands are often handmade and made in limited numbers. Luxury furniture companies make a smaller number of pieces every year than their budget allows. The pieces are made by highly skilled artisans in the brand’s style. A $500 couch, for instance, was made in a factory that produces thousands of couches each year. A $15,000 Italian leather sofa from a high-end luxury brand would be made of 50 or so pieces every year and use skilled artisans to produce it.