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Tampa Home Inspectors

You are here because you understand that a home inspection is a pivotal component of a home purchase process.  Hopefully you are not under the gun to make a rushed decision, as the best time to do research like this is prior to extending the offers.  If you are on a 7-day inspection contingency, you may want to read (very fast) and decide which aspects are most meaningful to you and your situation.  In all, you are doing all of the right things, as you clearly understand that the Home Inspection ensures you are making a solid financial decision in a time overrun with emotional feelings amplified by heightened stress levels.  It also ensures your home has modern day safety amenities to keep you and your guests out of harm’s way.  This is your prime opportunity to get a third-party professional to alert you to the condition of something that, for many people, may be their most expensive purchases EVER.  Now that I have you suitably stressed out, lets discuss how you can find that perfect Home Inspector to make sure you are properly advised (and why that leads you right here to Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC).

1.     Training and Certifications

Red Flag Home Inspectors are selected, trained and mentored by Mike Powell, P.E.  Mr. Powell is a structural engineer with over 20 years of Building, Construction, Envelope, and Component failure experience.  His vast experience in Cause & Origin evaluation of these failures benefits the training and development his team.  Our Certified Professional Inspectors are taught (sometimes minor) signs or symptoms of initial or more apparent failure.  We ensure that our inspectors not only know/apply the Standards of Practice, but to gain an understanding behind the purpose and intent of those observations.  We want them knowing why and how the building or components fail, in order to better proactively seek out early indications and signs of failure in-process.  All Home Inspectors will alert you that we are limited to what we can “see”, but we empower our professionals to know where to look to heighten our ability to find possibly neglected opportunities to advise you on initial failure.  

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Red Flag Home Inspection takes Continuing Education and Professional Development seriously.  All inspectors are required to uphold their credentials and certifications, as well as participate in privately held in-house instructional training.  Veteran Home Inspectors brought in are required to perform mock-inspections to ensure that the same quality and level of thorough documentation occurs on all inspections we perform.  To see a sample of our written reports, please click HERE.  The adage that you learn something new everyday is accurate, as long as you are open and receptive to allowing it to happen.

2.     Accommodating

You want to know that you have an advocate in your corner during this stressful time.  Let your Red Flag Home Inspector ease your concerns by alerting you to the good and bad components of your selected home.  Attend the inspections, ask questions about areas of concern you may have.  You want to know that when you have questions that need answering, your chosen inspector will be there to assist you.  Here at Red Flag, we always make ourselves available post-inspection to discuss any of our cited observations, statements, or opinions.  Here you are not asking us for a favor or needing to pay an additional service fee, we consider these discussions as closing the loop as part of our on-going customer service.  If you need industry contacts for a given area of expertise, we can provide that as well.  We honor our past customers, and new customers alike, in knowing that your future recommendations will ensure your friends/family are alerted to your great experience here at Red Flag.  We truly govern ourselves to aim for that with every passing inspection.

3.    Comprehensive Reporting

We ensure that every issued Red Flag Home Inspection report checks every box required in the InterNACHI Standard of Practice while also providing very clear explanation/citation of any deficiencies noted.  While some of our clients may be technical experts capable of understanding in-depth technical writing, we intentionally compile the reports with a goal that all observations and statements of deficiency will be clearly and plainly described.  Our easy to navigate and clearly labeled report, which you can see HERE, will ensure that you are informed of the building components and have a clear understanding of its condition/operation.  Videos and high-quality images of more critical aspects are also routinely provided to ensure you are able to follow the dialogue.  If not, and we missed the mark on explaining a situation or deficiency adequately, fully expect your Red Flag Home Inspector to provide a phone or Zoom conference to go over it with you and your agent.  Again, our consultation does not end on the date of the inspection.

Our report format provides a step-by-step format by category, with dynamic hyperlinking and flow throughout the document that ensures our readers can walk around the property (on your phone or tablet) with our report and fully replicate the observations made.  The in-depth narratives and imagery will not set the timeline back either.  We ensure that our reports are issued within 24 hours of our inspection.  We realize that these transactions happen in very narrow windows, and we will always play our part to ensure that we are not an impediment to that process.  Need us to turn around the report in less than 24 hours?  Please let us know that when we schedule your appointment.

4.    Flexibility

We know things get hectic once that offer letter has been signed, and the clock is ticking!  Great job for those of you who are planning ahead (doing research), but for those who may not, No Worries.  We will find a way to make it work.  You can certainly visit our Booking Page anytime, but we suggest you consider calling or texting if/when you have very urgent inspection requests.  This ensures that we can set aside the time needed to allow for our top-notch inspection process, as well as a spot of time to verbally discuss our report with you.

5.    All Inclusive Inspection Process

Our company values aim toward being a competitively priced option with superior quality and delivery.  Part of obtaining that goal was ensuring that we weren’t “nickel and diming” our clients.  You need to realize that the quotes received may not be equal.  Could we charge for Thermal Imaging?  YES, many do.  We do not and we never will, it’s too important to leave to chance (whether a client will purchase it).  See the reasons why HERE.  Those devices are very expensive, and they wear out and break over time.  Do we need to buy/maintain/use hygrometers (temperature/humidity/dew point) or conduct pressure tests on the plumbing systems.  NO.  Again, these were items that were identified as important toward conducting a rock-solid and comprehensive inspection.  Similar to the Thermal Imaging, we will not compromise on that.  To keep the list going, we are not charging for use of gadgetry like moisture meters, and hydrocarbon detectors (gas leaks), inspecting Sprinkler Systems or Microwave testing of the built-ins or follow-up video conferencing.  Our competition likely is not doing these things, or possibly charging add-on fees to complete them (which would be warranted).  It’s just not our style, we felt they were important so we include them in our reports at the standard fee whenever applicable.


So we understand that as a home buyer or seller you have a tremendous number of crucial decisions to make.  Do your homework and make an educated decision on your next Home Inspector hire.  If you choose to entrust your next inspection to a Red Flag inspector, we will provide the levels of service that aim to win not only you, but everyone you intend to tell about our services once complete.  Constantly driven to improve, Red Flag Home Inspection aims to raise the bar in the Home Inspection industry.  Meet us at your next home purchase to see how we’re doing that.

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