Living in Boston? Here’s why you should consider getting a hardwood floor.

hardwood floor

With winds up to 25 miles per hour, Boston is one of the gustiest cities in the continental united states. While wind might not directly affect the wear and tear your flooring might go through, it does affect how much dirt and dust builds up on the inside of your home (which thereby affects how regularly you need to clean it). And thus, easier cleaning and overall longevity of hardwood flooring is an obvious advantage over carpet or tiles. But that can not be the only reason so many Bostonians are moving away from traditional forms of flooring. In this article we’ll look to figure out why:

1. Adds to the value of your home

It’s common knowledge that buyers tend to either replace the carpet or outright change the flooring that comes from a previous owner. This is because an old carpet often comes with old germs and allergies. And thus when buying a house, the buyer will often adjust the price of the house in their head along with the cost of the new flooring. But when a house comes with hardwood flooring, they’ll more likely than not mentally place it above other similar options with carpet flooring. Thus, since it’s a sought out feature- hardwood flooring increases the resale value of homes.

2. Better air quality

Carpets have the tendency to trap dust, pollen, or other particulate matter (PM) into their grooves which results in dirty air even when there’s little to no wind. Tiles or carpets do not have similar grooves but have lines and embossing that function in a similar manner.

That is why wood flooring is often a must-have for people with allergies. The smooth varnish on wood allows for better air quality via an air filter or in general in both windy seasons and calm seasons.

3. Little to no degradation or color fade

Hardwood floors have been around for centuries, and their primary usage has been ensuring durability. This means that these floors often last for generations before they need major repairs or replacement.

Carpets will lose their color over time (max 5 to 10 years), require regular stitching or repairs, and lose texture. Tiles and marble degrade under regular usage and lose their smooth top layer. Hardwood floors face no such issues.

4. Can be refinished

Once you buy a carpet and install it, you are basically stuck with the look until you decide to completely change it up. This is even more amplified when it comes to marble or tiles given that they are not as easy to replace or dye.

However, hardwood floors can be refinished to completely change their color.

If you’re looking to move on from some old flooring or just want something new for a new home, wood floors are a great choice. This is especially true for windy areas since wind carries in several types of impurities that often get stuck to carpets, tiles or marble. Thus, when it comes to hardwood floors Boston natives are the ones who’d benefit most from it.

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