Moving on From an Old Roof- The Complete Guide


Homeowners hailing from the Midwest are familiar with the toll strong winds, storms and other adverse weather often takes on the outer surfaces of their homes- especially the roof. There are many reasons why you may either need to inspect, repair or replace your roof. Depending on the material used and how well your roofer installed your roof, a replacement may be needed any time after 10-25 years.

Especially for those of you living in areas with multiple tornado strikes each year, the timeline as to when your roof needs repair might get a bit sketchy.

Hi, I’m Chester.

And I’ve had a leak-free, spotless roofers in Akron, OH for well over 40 years now. The upkeep of your home relies solely on how early you catch leakages and other damage. Roofs are often too damaged, and getting them repaired is like trying to fix a broken leg with a band-aid. Here’s an easy checklist you can go through yourself to check if it’s time to take action:

1. Look for damaged or missing shingles:

A missing or curling shingle will leave the interior of your roof exposed and eventually to leakage.

2. Look for patches on your roof:

If there is significant shingle granule buildup in your gutters and your roof seems to be patchy, it’s likely that your roof is losing ultraviolet ray protection.

3. Look for mold and moss:

Moss buildup or molding means that there is bacteria or algae buildup in your roof. This is not only bad for your family’s help but also hurts structural integrity.

4. Significant water and sunlight stains:

Water spots get darker over time and cause damage to the flashing of your roof. This will make your roof lose its waterproofing capabilities.

If you’re unsure if any damage is significant enough, it’s always a good idea to go into your attic to check if sunlight, rain, or any other element is making it through. Remember, what can get into your attic, can get into your home.

In any case, any roof damage is always better handled by a professional roofer. Some roofing companies even offer free roof inspections. I personally get my roof checked at least once a year by professionals and that helps me stay calm during extreme weather.

For those of you living in the Akron area, I’d suggest checking out LCD roofing for most roofing or siding services. I’ve been using their A+ BBB-rated service for most of the last 15 years after my last contractor came in and gave me a ridiculous estimate. Not only did they ensure that I don’t get a single leak over that time period, but also helped me claim the most out of my insurance right after storm damage. The best part of all?- The inspection and estimate come absolutely free of cost! Just go on their website and schedule a free-of-cost appointment.

And remember, when it comes to roofs, never settle for anything less than the finest craftsmanship.

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