You Spilled Wine On Your Sofa. Now what?

You Spilled Wine On Your Sofa. Now what?

Accidental spills are so annoying, especially when you do so on your carpet or sofa. But the good news is that you can remove these spills. You can only opt for furniture removal if all of these solutions fail. Because some stains can be stubborn and fail to go even with all elimination tactics.

Getting to the furniture removal section is the last resort to dealing with wine spills. Here are some of the ways you can use it instead, and avoid calling in a furniture removal company.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If you happen to ignore the red wine spill on your couch, then be prepared to call the furniture removal experts to haul it away. This is especially the case if there are too many stains. Red wine stains leave a permanent red spot when you ignore them.

Hydrogen peroxide will, however, help you out in the initial stages of the spillage. Apply the chemical to the stained areas and allow it to settle for that period. Peroxide helps to remove this stain chemically within an hour. Use a wet cloth dipped inside water for the best results afterwards. The previously stained part should be nicely dry and clean.

Make Use of Carbonated Water or Soda Water

This method works well for simple wine spills, not those stubborn or tough ones. The good thing about soda water is that it’s friendly to fabric, and won’t destroy your sofa. You can then use a spray bottle to spray carbonated water on the stain caused by the red wine.

You’ll have to allow the soda water to seep into the stain and settle in completely. This makes it saturate the red wine stain. Thereafter, use the wet cloth to tap the stain and blot it with soda water. If the stain is still stubborn and won’t come off, repeat this procedure.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Things don’t have to get to the point of calling in the furniture removal experts. You can prevent that by using baking soda and vinegar for stubborn stains. It helps to get rid of the red wine stains quite easily.

Make a working paste using soda and vinegar then apply it to the stained areas. You’ll need to leave this for a few minutes until the baking soda gets rid of the red wine stains. The chunks of baking soda left on the sofa after the procedure shouldn’t worry you. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove them.

In case you see some yellowish powder left on the couch, this is also normal after the procedure. You can remove it by using a wet cloth. Repeat the process if the stains are still persistent on the sofa. If you fail to remove the stains after multiple tries, then it’s probably time to call the furniture removal company to haul away the couch.

Get Professional Assistance to Avoid Furniture Removal

Just like you would get assistance in furniture removal from a certified company, you can also get the same help from couch cleaners. Professional cleaners have special tools to deal with even the most stubborn stains.

They can get rid of the red wine stain within no time. You can go online and search for a few service providers, then make a shortlist of the best three you want to work with. Evaluate them and decide the best company for the job.

Some furniture removal companies also offer cleaning services, but at separate rates. If you have a genuine one that you trust, you can opt to hire them for the job. This is even better because when they’re unable to clean it, they can always offer you the furniture removal service.

How Quickly Should I Respond

Straight on, the answer to this question is immediate. Any delays in cleaning the wine spillage will result in a tough stain to remove. The first and most important thing you can do after you spill wine is to act fast. The good thing is that most of the stuff needed to deal with the stain are common household items.

The downside of postponing the cleanup is the wine soaking and drying into the sofa. For when this happens, you’ll probably have no other option than to call the pros. If not, you’ll have a very hard time removing the stain on your own.

So, by acting fast, you can start by grabbing a paper towel from the kitchen and placing it on the spillage. Many at this point will be tempted to rub the stain using the paper towel. This is a bad idea as it only spreads the stain all over the couch. Use gentle blotting instead, so that you can absorb as much wine as you can from the seat.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t have to get to the point where you call in furniture removal experts to haul away your couch. When you act fast, you can deal with the spillage easily. Nonetheless, you could always call the professional cleaners when things go beyond your control. If everything worsens completely, have the furniture removal team remove the sofa.